GPS Trackers in case of emergency

We live in the age of social media. Facebook and Twitter have their benefits, but with them come concerns.  How do you keep the private parts of your life genuinely private, and what constitutes an invasion of your privacy?  Are GPS Trackers safe?

When does complete privacy matter, and how many of us would give out some personal information if it gave us additional protection?

Is sharing your location safe

GPS Trackers - Sharing your location
GPS Trackers – Sharing your location

You might not be happy sharing your location on Facebook or in your twitter feeds. In fact, it’s sensible not to share your every move with acquaintances and strangers. You may feel uncomfortable if you’re caught in a Google Street View image, and you may take issue with the number of CCTV cameras that are being installed in your town or city, but would you be willing to provide a snapshot of your location if it helped an ambulance or fire engine to reach you? 84% would!

When we conducted a survey of over 1000 users, we found that 84% of GPS Trackers users would be happy to share their location data with emergency services. That’s a significant majority agreeing that keeping their location secret isn’t the right decision, if they felt like they were in danger.

We found the statistics interesting, considering that so many people are worried about how their lives are published to the world.

Why not think about a few of these scenarios?

  • if you were caught in a flood, how could the emergency services locate you?
  • What if you were stuck in heavy snow or thick mud?
  • If you’d crashed your car in a ditch on a quiet country road?
  • If your vehicle broke down in the middle of nowhere?
  • If your partner or child had been hurt, and you were the only person in the immediate vicinity?

GPS Trackers – For the moments you hope will never happen

Although you hope it will never happen, in these scenario’s it’s good to use an application like GridLocate’s GPS Trackers that pings your accurate location to a secure server every 15 minutes.  In the event that you are in difficulty, family and the emergency services can locate you accurately in case of emergency or concern.

When there are no road signs for miles around, when you’re short on time or when you can’t work out how to provide directions to your current location, a GPS Tracker could provide the emergency services with just enough information. They’ll receive exactly what they need in order to find you – no more, no less.

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