About Us

About Us

Find out about the GridLocate LoRaWAN team, our mission and services

Find out about the GridLocate LoRaWAN team, our mission and services

Our Services

GridLocate LoRaWAN: Our Mission

To make IoT and LoRaWAN Tracking affordable. Working with businesses and consumers to develop cost-effective LoRaWANâ„¢ solutions that make IoT a reality.

Affordable LoRa® devices, pre-configured

Reliable gateways that work

Scalable LoRaWANâ„¢ Servers

Web, Android and iPhone App solutions

GridLocate LoRaWAN: Our Mission
What we offer


We provide the glue for affordable IoT solutions, connecting end-points, networks and apps to deliver working LoRaWANâ„¢ solutions.

LoRa® EndPoints

IoT Sensors: location, temperature, security, PIR, C02. You name it. We can make it.

LoRa® Networks

Working with public networks (TTN, Loriot) or your own private network

LoRaWANâ„¢ Servers

Scalable LoRaWANâ„¢ servers designed to handle IoT traffic, running on Google Cloud

IoT Platforms

We deliver solutions using a number of 3rd party and inhouse solutions, including MyDevices and Uboro.io

Mobile Apps

Our inhouse team are gurus when it comes to developing Mobile Apps for locating/tracking solutions.

GPS Tracking

Over 4 years experience tracking people and assets in over 180 countries.

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GridLocate works as a distributed team. We have teams based in the UK and India. Our manufacturing team are in the EU, and we have IoT partners across the world

E: sales@gridlocate.com